Pennsylvania Turnpike – Pittsburgh PA

“America’s First Superhighway” is a toll highway running through much of Pennsylvania, and it was created with the assistance of the WPA, the PWA and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. “When it opened in 1940, the Pennsylvania Turnpike made history as… read more

Perry High School (former) Athletic Field – Pittsburgh PA

A project involving construction of an athletic field at Perry High School (now Perry Traditional Academy) was undertaken in 1936 as part of a New Deal project, sponsored by the Public Works Administration (PWA). The PWA provided a $17,994 grant for the project, whose… read more

Riverview Park Development – Pittsburgh PA

“In 1941, WPA workers built the visitors’ center, a fountain and stone entrance walls at Riverview Park on the North Side, a project spearheaded by Griswold. Out-of-work Pittsburghers also made drainage repairs, paved roads and improved entrances in Riverview Park,… read more