Fifth Avenue Raising – McKeesport PA

A substantial infrastructure development project was undertaken in downtown McKeesport as part of a New Deal project, sponsored by the Public Works Administration (PWA). According to the Pittsburgh Press the project involved: “Raising and paving of Fifth Avenue and adjacent streets and alleys,… read more

Fort Necessity National Battlefield – Farmington PA

Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, preserves the site of the Battle of Fort Necessity. “In 1935-37, a Civilian Conservation Corps camp was located at Fort Necessity. The Corps constructed barracks and other support buildings at the site… read more

French Creek State Park – Douglassville PA

“During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Federal government purchased much of the land used for charcoal production as part of a national project to reclaim marginal lands. This project provided jobs and improved local economies by developing recreation… read more

Gettysburg National Military Park Improvements – Gettysburg PA

According to Jim Campi, director of policy and communications at the Civil War Trust, “During the Depression, the Gettysburg Battlefield benefitted from a New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program. The park hosted two CCC camps—one in the Pitzer Woods… read more

Hickory Run State Park – White Haven PA

“In 1935, the National Park Service purchased Hickory Run to create a national recreation demonstration area. These areas were placed near large urban centers to provide fresh air recreation for lower class urban dwellers. In 1936, Works Progress Administration workers… read more