CCC Camp Wyeth / Cascade Locks (former) – Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

CCC Wygant Park, Side Camp at Wyeth OR - Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

Located approximately five to seven miles east of Cascade Locks, CCC Camp Wyeth/Cascade Locks (Camp F-7) was one of the longest operating Civilian Conservation Corps camps in the Columbia River Gorge. The US Forest Service’s Wyeth Campground currently operates on… read more

Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area – Otter Rock OR

Devil's Punchbowl - Otter Rock OR

In the 1934, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed the Devil’s Punchbowl day-use area for public use.  The improvements included picnic tables, fireplaces, restroom, drinking fountain, water supply, a foot trail and steps to the beach. The majority of these… read more

Eagle Creek Campground and Picnic Area – Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR

Landscaped Pathways at Eagle Creek Campground

Although the Eagle Creek Campground opened as the first “auto camp” in the northwest region in 1915, Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) workers made significant improvements to the campground from 1934 to 1937. As early as August 1934, the Oregonian reported that “Eagle… read more