• Bonanza Grazing District Improvements - Gerber Block OR
    “As a Division of Grazing camp, project work was planned and supervised by DG personnel. The basic mission for the project work was to construct infrastructure in the Bonanza Grazing District to allow orderly management of the public rangelands. Rangelands of the Bonanza Grazing District are located on the high plateau east of Langell Valley, known today as the Gerber Block. The north and east boundaries are the Fremont National Forest and the south boundary is the Oregon-California state line and the Modoc National Forest. Most of the lands were federal public domain managed by the Division of Grazing for...
  • Notch Corrals - Klamath County OR
    From the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library Editorial Committee: “The Notch Corral was built by the CCC in 1937 and has two circular stockade-like corrals connected by a center pen. On the way to the corral, you can see the ‘figure 4’ fence posts along the state line and old wooden poles used for telephone lines, and you will pass the ‘CCC Road.’ To reach Notch Corral, drive to Bonanza, go south on East Langell Valley Road for about 18 miles, then turn left on Willow Valley Road (gravel) and drive 9 miles to Notch Corral.”