• CCC Company 884 - Rush Springs OK
    A CCC monument erected in 1987 commemorates CCC Company 884 which worked out of Rush Springs, Oklahoma. This camp focused primarily on "soil conservation due to the nature of the soil in this area. The work performed here consisted of terracing and other work to deter soil erosion...A granite monument is erected east of the municipal pool on the east side of Jeff Davis Park, on the east side of Rush Springs. CCC Company 884 camp was located in this area between 1933 and 1942." (waymarking.com) The monument inscription includes: "To all the young men who served and to future generations that...
  • Rush Creek Bridge - Rush Springs OK
    Due to the proximity of this bridge to the designated Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) culvert, both of which are on Blakely Avenue, we feel certain that this bridge is also of WPA construction. This bridge crosses Rush Creek twenty feet east of the WPA culvert. As is sometimes the case, these bridges do not have the WPA shield affixed, however, their style and construction is identical to those that do have the shield.
  • Rush Creek Culvert - Rush Springs OK
    This culvert was constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1938. It is located on the east side of town, on Blakeley Avenue (east of the tracks). this culvert flows north/south and carries run-off from Rush Creek. The tunnel measures approximately 3 ft. high by 8 ft. wide. On the culvert curbing, the WPA stamp shows 1938.