• Abe Andrews Park - Norman OK
    Formerly known as Norman City Park, this site was established in the late 1890s and considerably improved during the New Deal: "Between 1935 and 1937, under the New Deal programs, several items were constructed in the southwest portion of the park. Work was performed by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Works Progress Administration with some work done by the National Youth Administration. A beautiful native stone amphitheater was constructed which is still in use today. The amphitheater is a semi-circle, with three sections of twenty rows of seating. The seats are native stone benches with concrete caps. At the rear of...
  • Adams Hall Murals, University of Oklahoma - Norman OK
    The Adams Hall project included a series of murals reflecting different aspects of Oklahoma business life by Craig Sheppard, a fine arts student at the time. The murals "illustrate some of the prominent industries in Oklahoma’s economy, including farming, stock raising, transportation, retailing, banking, oil, mining and smelting."   (price.ou.edu) It is not clear if the murals were funded by the PWA directly or by another New Deal art program.
  • Adams Hall, University of Oklahoma - Norman OK
    Adams Hall was constructed as the school of business for the University of Oklahoma in 1935 by the PWA. Joseph Smay was on the architecture faculty and designed this and Richards Hall in 1935.  Included in the project is a series of murals reflecting different aspects of Oklahoma business life by Craig Sheppard, a fine arts student at the time.  The sculptures of industry and commerce were executed by Jules Struppeck who did a Post Office project in Many, LA.
  • Cleveland County Courthouse - Norman OK
    "In 1938 the PWA officials approved a $94,000 grant for a new courthouse and jail, with the remaining funds to be secured by a county bond issue. Noted OKC architect Walter T. Vahlgert designed the new courthouse directly in front of the existing courthouse which continued to function while the new courthouse was being built. Tankersley Construction Company of Oklahoma City constructed the courthouse at a total cost of $209,090. The combination of the Classical Revival form with Art Deco ornamentation was popular for public construction projects in the late 1930's and early 1940's, particularly for projects funded by the PWA....
  • Memorial Union Tower, University of Oklahoma - Norman OK
    “WPA benefited both local school districts and institutions of higher learning. The OU Memorial Union Tower was built on the Norman campus in 1936.”  
  • Richards Hall, University of Oklahoma - Norman OK
    Richards Hall is a PWA building constructed to house the University of Oklahoma's zoology and micro-biology department in 1935-37. Designed by Univ of Oklahoma architectural professor Joseph Smay, it includes numerous bas reliefs of aspects of Zoology.  It was the first building on the south oval of the campus.
  • Sidewalks and Drainage Canal - Norman OK
    Location Notes:  Extensive sidewalks were constructed in Norman, OK by the WPA with stamps remaining.  The pictured stamp was close to another similar stamp and concrete saw marks around it indicate the city’s intention to save the stamp when redoing the sidewalk.