• Douglass Auditorium - Duncan OK
    Douglass Auditorium is a two-story native stone building in Duncan, Oklahoma that was constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1936. It faces east and has five distinct bays, separated by projected stone pilasters with heavy stone caps. On the upper wall of the center bay is a stone panel which reads "19 DOUGLASS 36 / AUDITORIUM". Lower on that wall is an embedded bronze WPA shield showing the year 1936. A community center is located in the adjacent school and we believe this auditorium is used as part of that operation.
  • Douglass Community Center - Duncan OK
    Douglass Community Center, formerly Douglass School, is is a one-story classroom building constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1938. It is located just south of the Douglass Auditorium. The school was an African American school during segregation and closed in 1968. It now houses the community center and is an active building. There is no WPA shield on the school itself, however, stamped in the sidewalk in front of the entrance is a WPA shield with what appears to be the year 1938. (The auditorium directly to the north is dated 1936).
  • Duncan Public Library - Duncan OK
    This WPA building was originally constructed as the general Duncan Public Library. It now houses the Stephens County Genealogical Society Library. "This one-story buff brick building, located at 301 N. 8th Street, was constructed by the WPA, as were several local school buildings. A bronze plaque at the entrance show it was constructed in 1937, however, the NRHP nomination form shows 1939. The Colonial Revival style was used, in lieu of the typical native stone construction. The architect was Kenneth T. Price... The building was placed on the National Register in 1999 (#99001427)."   (https://www.waymarking.com)
  • Duncan School - Duncan OK
    "The Public Works Administration, one of the New Deal programs, was a large-scale construction effort which built dams, bridges, hospitals and schools. The Duncan Senior High School was PWA Project No. 8458 and was constructed in 1936. Facing 9th Street, at Ash Avenue, this is a two-story light-colored brick building, which currently houses Duncan Edge Academy. This is a school program for students who would likely not graduate from high school. Special attention is given to learning and health needs, and the issues related to difficult family situations. It meets in the mornings. Unlike many WPA projects where native rock is used,...
  • Federal Building and Post Office - Duncan OK
    The historic Federal Building and Post Office in Duncan, Oklahoma was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building was constructed between 1933 and 1934, and it is still in use today.
  • Fuqua Park Culvert - Duncan OK
    This culvert is L-shaped, with the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) shield showing the year as 1938. The tunnel is concrete and about 2 ft. high by 5 ft. wide. It runs east-west. A paved roadway crosses the culvert into Fuqua Park, site of the WPA armory which is now Stephens County Historical Museum.. The culvert is operational today and handles run-off at the Park entrance.  
  • Halliburton Stadium - Duncan OK
    "Halliburton was founded in 1919, and is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. It employs more than 75,000 people, in approximately 80 countries. Named for this high-profile presence in Duncan, Halliburton Field was constructed as a WPA project in 1941, with an appropriation of $19,311. It is located at 17th and Pine. Stone and concrete walls and bleacher foundations, as well as ticket offices and locker rooms show the distinct use of native stone in Oklahoma WPA projects. The tall announcer's booth on the west wall has been added at a...
  • Irving School - Duncan OK
    "Irving School, located at 12th and Sycamore in Duncan is currently a Pre-K Center and Head Start program. The School was a WPA project, built in 1935 as a two-story school, with an appropriation of $23,576. In 1966, the second story was removed and additional construction was completed on the first floor... The Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory provides the following information on this building: IRVING SCHOOL, DUNCAN, OK, WAS ORIGINALLY A TWO STORY BUILDING. OF THE WPA GRADESCHOOLS (IRVING, LEE, EMERSON), IRVING IS THE ONLY ONE USING THE ORIGINAL BUILDING, THE OTHERS WERE RAZED IN THE MIDDLE 60'S WHEN NEW BUILDINGS WERE BUILT....
  • Lee School Wall - Duncan OK
    Lee School was a Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA)-built school that was constructed in 1936, with an appropriation of $49,242. The school no longer stands, and all that remains are the concrete sidewalks stamped with the WPA shield, and a roughly made sandstone wall which runs along the south and west sides of the property. A newer elementary school has been built on the east half of the property.
  • Old Highway 81 Culvert - Duncan OK
    This culvert that was constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s was part of the infrastructure of the old Highway 81. Today, the curbing on the culvert peeks out of a hedge that partially encloses Fuqua Park in Duncan, Oklahoma.The culvert curbing can be seen in two places which would have been on either side of the old highway. The original Federal Works Progress Administration shield stamp is too greatly eroded to read, and can be faintly seen in these photos.