• 10th and Choctaw Road Culvert - Choctaw OK
    The Works Progress Administration built a culvert on Choctaw Road in Choctaw, OK. Contributor note: "This culvert carries water run-off north-south at the intersection of 10th Street and Choctaw Road. The culvert has a 3 ft by 3 ft. opening, and at the time of our visit was heavily overgrown with tall grasses. At the top of each curb of the culvert, the WPA shield is stamped reading 1939."  
  • 10th Street Bridge - Choctaw OK
    The Works Progress Administration built a bridge on 10thStreet in Choctaw. Contributor note: "One-half mile east of Hiwassee Road on 10th Street, this is a bridge with three 10 ft. wide openings, and five concrete pillars at each side of the road. The bridge spans north-south flowing water down an unnamed creek. The bridge is located on the northern edge of the Optimist Park. The bridge appears to be in good condition. On each side of the road, a pillar is stamped with the WPA shield and the date 1939."