• Post Office - Scarsdale NY
    The main post office in Scarsdale, New York is "a historic post office building ... built in 1937 and designed by consulting architects Schultze and Weaver for the Office of the Supervising Architect. It is a symmetrically massed red brick building containing limestone trim in the Classical Revival style. It is composed of a two story central section with flanking one story wings. The front facade features a three bay recessed limestone portico supported by a pair of tall slender Doric order columns. The lobby features two murals by Gordon Samstag titled "Law and Order in Old Scarsdale" and "Caleb...
  • Post Office Murals - Scarsdale NY
    The post office contains two Section of Fine Arts murals by Gordon Samstag titled "Law and Order in Old Scarsdale" and "Caleb Heathcote Buys the Richbell Farm."
  • Sewers - Scarsdale NY
    A combination sewer construction project in Scarsdale, New York was undertaken with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA supplied a $18,635 grant toward the $64,822 eventual total cost of the project. Work occurred between May and November 1935. (PWA Docket No. NY 4364)
  • Tree Planting - Scarsdale NY
    The WPA undertook a tree-planting project from Nov. 15 to Dec. 10, 1935 in Scarsdale, New York. The WPA appropriated $1,422 for labor. The project was recommended by the Village Engineer and planning board.