• Airport - Hawthorne NV
    Among the numerous infrastructure improvement projects undertaken by CCC Company 1915 near Hawthorne, Nevada was the construction of the town's new "12-acre airport." Living New Deal believes that this is what is now known as Hawthorne Industrial Airport.
  • Cat Creek Dam and Reservoir - Hawthorne NV
    "One of the biggest undertakings took on was the building of Cat Creek Dam. Knowing water is a viable commodity in the desert, these men saw the uncontrolled use and abuse from being overgrazed and where deep-rooted sage was replaced with shallow rooted grasses and willows. The CCC men laid approximately 40,000 feet of pipe to carry the water from the back areas. They also built a dam to contain the water."
  • Cory Canyon Road - Hawthorne NV
    After constructing a road up to Mount Grant from Cottonwood Canyon, CCC Company 1915 faced "an even more difficult road building job they connected the Cory Canyon Road at the Laphan Divide-Cottonwood roads. These roads were crucial. The town of Hawthorne and the then Naval Depot’s watershed depended on these men to make the road passable in order for the growing town to get fresh drinking water."
  • Cory Canyon Tree Planting - Hawthorne NV
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) conducted afforestation and reforestation efforts in what were then known as "Upper Cory" canyon, near Hawthorne, Nevada. The efforts were taken in part for erosion control.
  • Cottonwood Canyon Tree Planting - Hawthorne NV
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) conducted afforestation and reforestation efforts in what was then known as upper Cottonwood Canyon, near Hawthorne, Nevada. The efforts were taken in part for erosion control.
  • Lahontan Reservoir Improvements - Hawthorne NV
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) conducted riprap and other improvement work at Lake Lahontan (Lahontan Reservoir) during the Great Depression.
  • Mineral County High School - Hawthorne NV
    The PWA granted a loan of $55,000 for a new Mineral County high school building in 1934. In 1940 the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a tennis court at the school at a cost of $1,902. The building is still in use today.
  • Mount Grant Road - Hawthorne NV
    CCC Company 1915's "first job was a daunting task. To build a road up Cottonwood Canyon to Mount Grant. These men worked under every condition, but still built a road up the steep mountain, which at the time, was one of three roads built at such an elevation. Another was Pike’s Peak in Colorado." The road, believed to be unnamed, is still extant.
  • Naval Ammunition Depot (former) Development - Hawthorne NV
    Now the Hawthorne Army Depot, what was then the Naval Ammunition Depot was developed and improved by multiple New Deal agencies during the Great Depression. noehill.com: "By 1930, Hawthorne's population had grown to 757, with the Depot contributing 72 military personnel and 90 civilian employees to the total. The presence of the Depot helped Hawthorne through the Great Depression, but a number of President Roosevelt's New Deal programs were undertaken there to further help ameliorate joblessness. In October 1935, the first Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects were initiated, consisting mostly of road construction and repair. Other projects included courthouse repair and improvement,...
  • Public Domain Improvements - CCC Camp Hawthorne - Hawthorne NV
    The CCC established Camp Hawthorne (DG/G-119) in Nevada as a part of the Grazing Service's effort to restore the public domain. Vernard "Bud" Wilbur, a recruit stationed at the camp, described the work performed by the CCC in an oral history interview: “It was hard work, since we came from a city and weren’t used to this type of work eight hours a day…But they fed you well…We graded roads…We dug out a big reservoir about a mile above camp and firmed it all up with rocks and so forth, and then it was filled so that stockmen could use it...
  • Rifle Range - Hawthorne NV
    CCC Company 1915 "built the Marines an excellent rifle range" in the town or vicinity of Hawthorne, Nevada. The exact location or status of this facility is unknown to Living New Deal, though it is likely that the facility was related to other construction projects at the old Naval Ammunition Depot.
  • Rose Creek Reservoir and Dam - Hawthorne NV
    “One of the CCC’s most important contributions was the well-engineered twenty-six-million-gallon capacity reservoir and dam in Rose Creek Meadow. The Rose Creek Reservoir was an incredible undertaking due to its location more than halfway up the mountainside. The labor-intensive water impoundment was largely constructed by manual labor and horse-drawn Fresno Scrapers. The long-term advantages of the Rose Creel Reservoir live on as the reservoir continues to provide a significant source of water to this day. Subsequent efforts focused on transporting additional water to the depot on the valley floor. CCC crews soon completed a 4.5-mile duplicate water-supply system (pipeline) and...