• Amphitheater - Ely NV
    "An outdoor, amphitheatre built near Ely" was a result of New Deal construction in northern Nevada. Further information about this project is needed.
  • Berry Creek Development - Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest NV
    “The Forest Service’s CCC program blazed new roads and trails into prospective campgrounds, existing mines, or susceptible fore zones. The Forest Service with its ample staff of engineers and natural resource specialists provided technical expertise for CCC projects. Similarly, the technical staff assisted the Soil Conservation Service by supervising construction activities on southern Nevada flood-control projects in the lower Moapa Valley, Panaca, and Caliente. Similarities in construction and design in different forests are no coincidence. Most early ranger stations, roads, and campgrounds were built according to standard regional plans prepared by architectural engineer George Nichols in Utah. After 1938, a manual...
  • CCC Camp Berry Creek - Ely NV
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) established a camp along Berry Creek in eastern Nevada during the 1930s. Berry Creek drains South Schell Mountain in the Schell Creek mountain range,, about 30 miles northeast of Ely, Nevada. From Camp Berry, CCC enrollees worked on projects all around the area, both for the US Forest Service (Toyaibe National Forest) and the National Park Service. “Within six months, the men of Camp Berry Creek developed new campgrounds in the Duck Creek area, and improved existing facilities at East Creek, Bird Creek, Berry Creek, and Steptoe Creek. The men improved the recreational area...
  • Ely Grade School (former) - Ely NV
    In 1938, the Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the construction of a new grade school for Ely, Nevada. It was PWA project Nevada 1040-DS. The school building is a large, three-story, modern brick structure, with no decoration. It is has evidently been closed for some time, but still appears to be in good condition. It stands on the hillside just north of Main Street in the old downtown of Ely. The same cannot be said for the former playing fields behind the school, which have been abandoned. You can still see the stone and concrete retaining walls built to level the...
  • Post Office (former) - Ely NV
    The historic post office building in Ely, Nevada, was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds during the Great Depression in 1937-1938.  It is a classic "federal" style brick building, a standard design for many post offices of the time. The building was sold to private owners in recent years and is presently  known as the Postal Palace Convention Center, a part of the operations of the Hotel Nevada and Casino on Main Street. The interior has been modified for its new use, but some of the original lobby is still there (in 2023).