• Tularosa City Hall - Tularosa NM
    "The old Tularosa City Hall was constructed by the W.P.A. in 1941." -Waymarking
  • Tularosa Police Station and Jail - Tularosa NM
    "In Tularosa, the Police Station remains the same inside and out, except for being painted periodically. It is another Pueblo Revival style blending perfectly with the New Mexico landscape." -Phyllis Eileen Banks
  • White Sands National Monument Visitor Center - Tularosa NM
    "The Visitor Center building complex at White Sands National Monument is an excellent example of Spanish pueblo-adobe ('Pueblo-Revival') architecture constructed during the years of the Great Depression. Construction was begun in 1936 and completed in 1938 by various government agencies including the Works Progress Administration (WPA) at a cost of $31,600. Wall construction of the Visitor Center is of adobe mud bricks throughout. Adobe bricks are usually sixteen inches long, ten inches wide and four inches thick. Ordinarily, two men can mix and mold over one hundred bricks in a day, sufficient to build about one foot of wall. There are...