• City Hall - Melrose NM
    Constructed by the WPA in 1938-39, the Melrose City Hall is made of locally quarried sandstone. The ashlar stone is laid in regular courses with triangular and random pieces inserted into the pattern to add interest. The corners of the building are finished with stone quoins. The windows are crowned with voissoirs and a keystone. Low stone walls define the south and west sides of the property. The community applied for the project on July 11, 1938, requesting $20,318.18. It was built as a combination city hall and jail. The WPA financed similar consolidated town hall plans throughout New Mexico, including...
  • New Deal Art Center / Collection - Melrose NM
    Melrose was home to one of four New Deal Art Centers in New Mexico, where "art classes and traveling exhibitions were held." The site of these events is no longer extant. However, some of the facilities at the school campus in Melrose, New Mexico house a substantial collection of New Deal artwork, examples of which are listed at the source below.
  • School - Melrose NM
    The historic school building in Melrose, New Mexico—part of an educational campus which continues to house the community's schools and district administrative offices—was constructed by the Work Projects Administration (W.P.A.) in 1942. A dedication plaque can be found at the west-of-building-center high school entrance along Missouri Avenue.  The facility has since been extensively remodeled.
  • School Campus Perimeter Wall - Melrose NM
    The historic school building in Melrose, New Mexico was constructed by the Work Projects Administration (W.P.A.) in 1942. Furthermore, the W.P.A. constructed a masonry wall along most of the perimeter of the school campus. A W.P.A. stamp can be found in the top of the part of the wall in front of the district administrative entrance.
  • W.P.A. Wall - Melrose NM
    A perimeter wall around the formerly municipal property along the east side of Main Street, between Wisconsin Ave. and E. Center Ave., was constructed by the W.P.A. Remarkable, giant stone lettering identifying the W.P.A. as the builders adorns one segment the wall, facing Main St., about halfway down the block. The building at the north end of the property was formerly a clinic and nursing home, but is now privately owned. The south end of the property, a modest open space / park property, features an inner stone wall that had marked the perimeter of a since-demolished water tower.