• Armory (demolished) Improvements - Passaic NJ
    The historic 113th Infantry Armory building in Passaic, New Jersey was the recipient of WPA improvement efforts. As per project description: "Improve 113th Infantry Armory Building, located at River Drive and Main Avenue." "The Armory Building served Passaic, and its now defunct, National Guard Unit, from the mid-twenties until the mid sixties, went it was demolished to make way for Route 21." WPA Official Project Number: 65‐22‐6192
  • Broadway Sewer Reconstruction - Passaic NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) worked to reconstruct a broken sewer line along and around Broadway in Passaic, New Jersey ca. 1936. The project would provide 150 men work for six months. Most of the cost of the work was borne by the federal government.
  • Lafayette Avenue Improvements - Passaic NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a sewer and resurfaced the pavement of Lafayette Avenue in Passaic, New Jersey between what was then the Erie Railroad tracks and River Drive. "The present conditions there," reported the city's Director of Streets and Public Improvements Nicholas Martini, "have been an annoyance for many years and the construction ... will prove invaluable to the City." The project, his report continued, would bear no additional expense to the City, and would provide employment for approximately 30 men for a period of four months. Project No. 1-16-380.