• Palmyra Borough Hall - Palmyra NJ
    The old Palmyra Methodist Church (later Society Hal), built in 1854, was acquired by the borough. The Works Progress Administration moved the structure forty feet further from the railroad and lifted the building to create a basement. The building was brickfaced and a colonial-style cupola added. The architect of record was F. Herbert Radey. The work was completed in 1941.
  • Palmyra High School Stadium - Palmyra NJ
    Palmyra High School's football stadium was originally constructed by the WPA in 1936, with a full grandstand, quarter mile cinder track, and football field with accompanying locker rooms. It was recently renovated by the Aliano Brothers and Garrison Architects, who describe the outcome as "A fully functioning stadium that stands once more as a monument to WPA and the restoration of the American spirit during the Great Depression"   (https://www.alianoconstruction.com).
  • Playground - Palmyra NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a playground / recreational center in Palmyra, New Jersey ca. 1936. The exact location or status of the facility is unknown to Living New Deal.