• Bloomfield High School Grandstands - Bloomfield NJ
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) constructed "concrete stands" at Bloomington High School in New Jersey, 1934. The location and status of the project is presently unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Morris Canal (former) Weed Control - Bloomfield NJ
    "Twenty-nine WPA workers started today to rid the dry bed of old Morris Canal of rag weed, poison ivy and sumac, a $3,750 project for relief of hay fever victims. The workers will clear five miles of winding stream bed from the Belleville-Bloomfield line to the Clifton-Bloomfield line. Thirty acres of weeds will be removed." (Evening News)
  • Post Office - Bloomfield NJ
    The historic main post office building in Bloomfield, New Jersey was constructed with Treasury Department funds in 1934. The building is still in service.