Infrastructure Improvements – Seabrook NH

The New Deal provided much help in this small coastal community of 1,606 (1930 population). Between 1933 and 1939, the RFC, the WPA and the NYA undertook improvements in the town, including sewer maintenance, road work, surveying sidewalks and other… read more

Municipal Improvements – Bedford NH

Annual municipal reports for the fiscal year ending in 1941 detailed New Deal involvement in several local projects: “The highway department reported that W.P.A. APPROPRIATIONS equaled $682.22 and 13 men were employed.” “The FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE BEDFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT… read more

Municipal Improvements – Claremont NH

In addition to improvements water system, library and park improvements, town reports from 1933-1942 document the following New Deal support for town activities: 1933 RFC loan for the Welfare dept. $15,000 1934 The town budget notes $10,000 estimated for FERA… read more

Municipal Improvements – Danville NH

Between 1935 and 1938, the Works Progress Administration funded a number of municipal improvements in the town of Danville, including upgrades for the local library, town hall, and cemetery; work on roads and forest sites; and support for a local… read more

Municipal Improvements – Deering NH

1933 – WPA road relief construction contributes $1,954.00 to Deering. 1934 – PWA loan of $5000 for power line construction. 1935 – Emergency Relief to Unemployed gives Deering $4,401. Federal Government gives Deering 4,658 for various public works projects. 1936… read more

Municipal Improvements – Franconia NH

Various relief and infrastructure efforts were provided by the New Deal for this small New Hampshire mountain village, population 514 (1930 Census). From 1933 to 1935, the Public Works Administration conducted a survey for a proposed water project, at a… read more

Municipal Improvements – Hudson NH

Annual reports show that the town of Hudson was helped extensively by New Deal programs. In addition to work by the RFC and FERA (which included distributing food and medicine to school children), the CWA repaired and improved schools and… read more

Municipal Improvements – Jaffrey NH

Throughout the New Deal, various agencies contributed to the improvement of Jaffrey, a small town of 2,800 (1930 Census) according to annual town reports. 1933 “Through an arrangement with the District Nursing Association and the State Supervisor of Health, Miss… read more

Municipal Improvements – Peterborough NH

The Peterborough town reports of 1937 and 1940 report WPA involvement in various projects: Water Main on Pine St. Sidewalk project #1314 24 men employed Library wall project #966 18 men employed Powers Bridge project #1194 31 men employed “In… read more