Municipal Road Improvements – Nashua NH

A huge amount of road, street, and sidewalk infrastructure work employed hundreds of the unemployed all throughout the life of the New Deal by the CWA, FERA, and WPA. Town reports throughout the 1930s document such work in Nashua, NH…. read more

Nashua Airport at Boire Field – Nashua NH

Nashua Airport at Boire Field is a public use airport located northwest of Nashua. Municipal reports from the 1930s detail New Deal assistance building the airport. A 1934 report explained that local authorities had been authorized to buy land, which… read more

Parks and Recreation Work – Nashua NH

1933 Mayor Alvin Lucier in his inaugural address listed 4 major projects done in cooperation with Federal Relief agencies. 3. PARKS AND COMMONS AND RECREATION FACILITIES. This project was designed to further develop the Artillery Pond project and includes some… read more

Water and Sewer System Improvements – Nashua NH

Municipal reports from Nashua’s local governments documented extensive New Deal work on the cities water and sewer systems during the 1930s: 1933 Mayor Alvin Lucier reported: “As we take over the reins of government today, we do so with abiding… read more