• City Hall - Ainsworth NE
    On July 25, 1935, the Ainsworth Star-Journal announced that plans were in the works for a new city hall. The Ainsworth City Council had tentatively approved plans for the new building, drawn by Architect J. F. Reynolds of Lincoln. A bond election was required in order to apply for the Public Works Administration (PWA) grant program, and a petition was quickly circulated to ask the city to hold the election. Of those asked to sign the petition, 97 signed without question and only one refused outright. The new city hall building already had a great deal of support, having been...
  • Water Conservation Dams - Ainsworth NE
    In December 1934, Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) labor was busy building two water conservation dams in Brown County northwest of Ainsworth. The dams were built on the farms of Mr. L. D. Crawford and Mr. Fred Wallenstein. Five additional dams were planned for other farmsteads in the Buffalo Flat section of the county. The applicant paid for materials and the labor was funded by the reemployment office.