• Civic Center (old Armory) - Lewistown MT
    The W.P.A. constructed an armory in Lewistown, Montana in 1936. "The history of the Civic Center starts with its construction in 1936, just prior to World War II. It was built under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) with the understanding that it would serve Lewistown as their new armory. It had a rifle range in the basement and a built-in vault (room) to be a safe storage for arms, ammunition, and other sensitive items belonging to the Lewistown National Guard. Being a civic center, it was not solely for the exclusive use of the National Guard. The large room, upstairs, with a...
  • Fergus County High School (former), Athletics Improvements - Lewistown MT
    Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported in 1937: "Work of constructing a running track and fencing the high school athletic field, being done by WPA labor, will be resumed late this month after a winter shutdown." The old Fergus County High School -- located at 401 7th Ave. S. in Lewistown -- now houses condominiums.
  • Hangar Improvements - Lewistown MT
    Local businessman Harrison Green established Lewistown’s first airport at this location in 1928, intending to sell it to the city or operate it as a private enterprise. The city, however, established its own airport in 1933 just across the road from Green’s runway. When airmail and air passenger service began in 1933, it quickly became obvious that the city’s airport was inadequate. It was too close to power lines and its runway was too short. After several close calls, the city negotiated relocation of its airport to Green’s facility. In 1937, this became Lewistown’s municipal airport. In 1941, the WPA improved...
  • Lewistown Municipal Airport - Lewistown MT
    The W.P.A. worked to develop Lewistown Municipal Airport in Montana. Project details: "Develop airport site" Official Project Number: 165‐1‐91‐48 Total project cost: $66,752.00 Sponsor: City of Lewistown "Develop airport site" Official Project Number: 165‐1‐91‐XX Total project cost: $63,975.00 Sponsor: City of Lewistown
  • Pest Control - Lewistown MT
    The Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported in January 1937 that a rat eradication project was being undertaken by the WPA in the Montana town of Lewistown: "A ton of rat poison and 1,500 traps arrived in the city as the first step in a campaign to rid the city of its overabundance of the pests. The extermination will be carried on as a WPA project, in co-operation with city and county authorities." Later the same year, the same paper reported that: "WPA officials have informed County Agent Ralph Stuckey the cricket and grasshopper control project will be carried on in Fergus county during...