• Post Office - Hamilton MT
    The historic post office building in Hamilton, Montana was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which is still in use today, was completed in 1941. A New Deal mural was installed in the lobby in 1942.
  • Post Office Mural - Hamilton MT
    The historic post office building in Hamilton, Montana houses an oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Flat Head War Party." The federal Treasury Department Section of Fine Arts funded the work, painted by Henry Meloy and installed in 1942.
  • Public Health Service Laboratory - Hamilton MT
    The federal government under F.D.R. constructed a large new health research complex in Hamilton, Montana, with construction completed in 1940. The laboratory had originally been housed in a "two-story empty school building." NIH: "After its successful work with spotted fever the Rocky Mountain Laboratory expanded its facilities and programs ... to work on other insect-borne diseases, such as yellow fever and the spirochetal relapsing fevers." Now known as "Rocky Mountain Laboratories," the facility is still in use.
  • Recreation Projects - Hamilton MT
    Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper discussed recent accomplishments of the National Youth Administration in Montana. Among the projects discussed: "Hamilton has a WPA-constructed play field to which the NYA has added a quarter-mile track. This winter there also will be a skating rink there."