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  • School (former) - Wahalak MS
    Public Works Administration project W1155 was a $2000 loan and a $1629 grant for a school, approved 11/14/1935. The first contract was awarded 12/14/1935 and construction began 1/22/1936. Wahalak was completed 8/5/1936. The school was consolidated with the Scooba school in 1949, and it was reported the former school was converted to a private home.
  • School (former) - Woodland MS
    Public Works Administration project 5288 funded the Woodland school with a loan of $8700 and grant of $3300, approved 3/21/1934. Construction of the one-story, brick building began 10/29/1934 and was completed 3/9/1935. The school closed in 1986 and sold the building and property. It was purchased by a local family and since then has been in use as the Woodland Furniture Store.
  • School Addition - Jonestown MS
    The Public Works Administration funded a 5-room addition to the Spanish-styled Jonestown school building, originally constructed c. 1918-1922. The project was W1151, approved 11/14/1935 for a loan of $7,000 and grant of $5,727. Contract was awarded 1/14/1936, construction begun 4.7.1936, and completed 7/16/1936. Final total cost was $13,146. Architects were N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town. Contractor was B. W. Crawford of Clarksdale. Work was completed by laborers from the Jonestown Relief Rolls. The school had Mississippi Landmark status when it was destroyed by fire in 2006. It had been undergoing renovations to use as a community center at...
  • School Addition - Maben MS
    A new $52,900 addition was added to the school at Maben in 1938. Approximately 52 men were employed in the project designed by architects Overstreet and Town. The Board of Trustees for the school contributed materials. In June 1938, request had been made for $33,000 from PWA, which was not awarded. Funding was secured from WPA. A fire in 1953 destroyed almost half of the school including most of the new addition.
  • School Administration Building - Biggersville MS
    Public Works Administration project 1135 funded the Biggersville school administration building, attributed to Stevens and Johnson by MDAH. The project was approved 9/25/1935 for a $14,500 loan and a $11,863 grant. Construction began 2/10/1936 and was completed 7/8/1936 for a total of $29,050.
  • School Administration Building Addition - Oakland MS
    The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works built a School Administration Building Addition in Oakland MS. The addition to the Oakland 1909 school was project 1317, approved 8/12/1938 for a grant of $19,018. Architect was N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town. The first contract was awarded 11/4/1938 and construction started 12/21/1938. It was completed 9/9/1939 for a total cost of $39,807.
  • School and Vocational Teacher House - Coxburg MS
    Project W1204 was approved July 21, 1936 in the amount of a $20,000 loan and a $17,590 grant. Construction began October 12, and was completed December 29, 1937 for a total cost of $41,043. Robert William Naef was architect. Both buildings replaced the school and vocational teacher house destroyed by fire in 1935,
  • School Annex, Home Economics Building, and Alterations - Savannah MS
    Public Works Administration project 3003 was approved 12/28/1933 for a new home economics building, annex to the existing building, and alterations to the existing building in the Savannah community of Pearl River County. A loan of $10,000 and grant of $4,182 was awarded. Vinson Smith, Jr. served as architect. A. Ziegenfelder was the contractor for the one-story brick and stone trim annex and the construction of a brick veneer home economics building. Plumbing, heating, roofing and sheet metal contract was awarded to Hamilton Brothers in the amount of $2,167 and Clark and Griffith received $304.74 for the electrical work. Construction...
  • School Complex - Leakesville MS
    PWA w1104 funded the addition of a five-room building for high school classes and a new gymnasium on the Leakesville school complex. The award for loan of $12,500 and grant of $10,396 was approved 9/25/1935. Construction began 1/6/1936 and was completed 10/12/1936 for a total cost of $28,841. The classroom building was constructed by Oden and Glen for the sum of $11,441 and the remainder funded the gymnasium. The gymnasium also served as a community center in addition to athletic events. The new classroom building was added to the east end of the complex and the gymnasium to the west...
  • School Complex - Terry MS
    Terry planned a bond issue vote in the amount of $25,000 to supplement a $40,000 allotment from the Works Progress Administration to construct new school buildings. The new buildings were needed as a result of the Rural Settlement Administration project established at Terry, which increased the number of students for the school. Citizens voted 167 to 0 to issue $25,000 to match a federal grant to erect a new school building. The buildings included auditorium, gymnasium, elementary, and high school. The gymnasium was opened January 4, 1940 and the new buildings were dedicated in September 1940. The buildings were destroyed...
  • School Expansion - Philadelphia MS
    Congressman Ross Collins announced Public Works Administration (PWA) approval of allotment of $28,636 for the Philadelphia School in Neshoba County. Project W1214 was approved 8/17, 1937. Contract was awarded 12/14, 1937, construction began 12/18/1937, and was completed 8/18/1938. The school's 1938 gymnasium, designed by Krouse & Brasfield, may have been part of the project. Philadelphia schools were recipients of additional $9,116 in August 1938.
  • School Gymnasium - Cary MS
    Public Works Administration project 1313 for Sharkey County school was approved 11/14/1933 for a new gymnasium at the Cary Line Consolidated School. The county received a loan of $5096 and grant of $1730 for a total of $6230 toward the completion cost of $7182. Construction began 5/11/1934 and was completed on 8/7/1934. The school complex was abandoned in 1961, damaged in a tornado in 1971, and has since been demolished.
  • School Gymnasium - Edwards MS
    The Edwards High School Gymnasium was designed by architect James Manly Spain in the Art Moderne style. It was constructed in 1941 by the National Youth Administration. It is currently vacant.
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Batesville MS
    This Batesville elementary school gymnasium was PWA Project # 1371. It is no longer extant.
  • School Improvements - Arcola MS
    Public Works Administration project w1218 for $28,635 loan and $28,635 grant was approved 6/22/1938. Construction started 9/14/1938 and was completed 5/10/1939 for a total of $63,968. The citizens voted approval of $55,000 in bonds toward the project with a vote of 84-1 to construct a new auditorium and gymnasium. The “modern gymnasium” (Remodeling, p. 10) was “62x85 with maple flooring” and could seat 400. Several classrooms were enlarged and four new classrooms constructed. The auditorium seated 500 and featured a stage, scenery, and blinds. A loud speaker system was added with the improvements. Architect was James Manly Spain and construction...
  • School Improvements - Farmhaven MS
    Unspecified school improvements were approved by WPA for the Farmhaven community school in 1936.
  • School Improvements - Macedonia MS
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) employees dug a 1001 foot well for the Macedonia school when the former drinking supply was condemned by the health department.
  • School Improvements - Moorhead MS
    Public Works Administration project 4592 was approved 2/21/1934 for a $22,500 loan and $7,719 grant for additions to the Moorhead consolidated school. Construction started 6/8/1934 and was completed 10/10/1934. The project included the construction of a six-room addition and other repairs. Three rooms were constructed on the east side and three on the west side of the existing building. The school opened in September 1934 following the completion of the new building, one of the first of new school buildings in Mississippi to be built under PWA. The school is no longer extant.
  • School Improvements - Moorhead MS
    Public Works Administration project 4592 was approved 2/21/1934 for a $22,500 loan and $7,719 grant for additions to the Moorhead consolidated school. Construction started 6/8/1934 and was completed 10/10/1934. The project included the construction of a six-room addition and other repairs. Three rooms were constructed on the east side and three on the west side of the existing building. The school opened in September 1934 following the completion of the new building, one of the first of new school buildings in Mississippi to be built under PWA.
  • School Improvements - Pickens MS
    Project 5092 to install a heating system for the Pickens school was completed in 1934. The Pickens school, originally constructed 1916, was a 2-story building destroyed in 2003. PWA provided a grant of $307 for the heating system. It was approved 6/20/1934, construction initiated 9/18/1934, and completed 9/27/1934 for a total cost of $1121.
  • Schools (Former) - Byram MS
    The Works Progress Administration made an allotment for a "new, modernistic school building" for Byram Elementary School, completed in October 1938. The Public Works Administration (PWA) W1183 funded construction for new buildings and improvements for five Hinds County schools 1938-1939, including Byram. Bond election was held October 18, 1938 for Byram to issue $33,000 for a new auditorium, gymnasium, and additional classrooms. PWA W1183 funded school buildings in Hinds County with a loan of 151,986 toward estimated cost of 337,746, approved 6/22/1938. Construction began 11/14/1938; completed 12/4/1939 for a total of 322,153 for all projects. Architects were N. W. Overstreet...
  • Scott County Jail and Courthouse Annex (former) - Forest MS
    The federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) supplied funds to undertake this county project during the 1930s. The jail was added to the rear of the courthouse with PWA project Miss. 1287-F. The courthouse was remodeled, with an Art Moderne style. The courthouse and jail were demolished c. 1955. A PWA grant funded $24,545 and the work was completed June 21, 1939.
  • Second Street Bridge - Clarksdale MS
    The Second Street bridge over the Sunflower River was constructed in 1936 as Public Works Administration project W1051. Pigford Brothers of Meridian, Mississippi constructed the bridge. The bridge was a modern concrete bridge, 500 feet long, 30 feet wide, and with a 5-foot sidewalks on each side of the roadway. It had "more architectural detailing" (Sunflower Bridge to be completed August 15, p. 1) than the Tenth Street Bridge, also constructed by Pigford a few years earlier. Twelve 500-candlepower electric lamps lighted the bridge. The project employed 50 local men. Clarksdale City Engineer Walter Bobo and Coahoma County Engineer Ben...
  • Senatobia High School - Senatobia MS
    Senatobia High School was FEAPWA Project #Miss. 1260, constructed in 1938 in an Art Moderne style. Additions were completed in 1959 and 1965. The auditorium is 1.5-story, and constructed of reinforced concrete and with brick and stone veneer. The entry to the auditorium is separated by pilasters featuring bas-relief sculptures and a sun dial above glass block lights.
  • Sewerage Disposal System - Raymond MS
    Public Works Administration project 4653 approved the construction of an extension to the Raymond sewerage system 2/28/1934. A loan of $21,750 and grant of $8,250 was awarded. Construction began June 29, 1934 and was completed October 31, 1934. The project laid approximately 22,000 feet of pipe. The sewer pipe contract was awarded to the Cannelston Sewer Pipe company of Indiana and the cast iron pipe contract to McWain Cast Iron Pipe company of Birmingham. Engineer Peter O’Brien of Jackson designed the layout, and the government engineer was E. D. Sloan. The project called for sewer pipe from 4-12 inches in...
  • Shady Grove Consolidated School - Laurel MS
    Shady Grove school was construction supported by the Public Works Administration as project x1300. A grant of $45,000 was approved Sep. 29, 1938 and construction begun Dec. 5. Architects were Landry and Matthes for the one-story building. The project was 96% completed Dec. 1, 1939 for a total cost of $87,424. The school closed in 2009 and was demolished in 2016.
  • Shady Grove School - Ripley MS
    Located in rural Tippah County, about 5 miles west of Ripley, the Shady Grove School was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1936.
  • Shaw Gymnasium - Shaw MS
    Constructed in 1940 in the Delta community of Shaw.
  • South Side School Additions - Meridian MS
    With WPA support, architects Krouse & Bradfield designed additions of classrooms, auditorium, and lunchroom for the 1888 South Side School.
  • State Board of Health Laboratory Extension - Jackson MS
    The state health board of Mississippi was allocated $5,420.31 to erect an extension to the laboratory for the health department located at the Old Capitol building in Jackson. The new addition to the laboratory was completed in November 1934 with funding from ERA. The addition included a "new and modern animal pen, with a concrete floor" (Union Appeal, 1934, p. 1). The pen, and its "cyclone proof iron fence" was for animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and white mice, used in the manufacture of serum. The laboratory tested animals suspected of rabies in order to provide anti-rabies treatments.
  • State Charity Hospital Improvements - Jackson MS
    State Charity Hospital Improvements in Jackson MS was built with federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) funds in 1935. $18,000 was allotted for the Charity hospital project. N. W. Overstreet was the architect for main building and nurses home renovations in 1934-1935. The hospital was constructed in 1912, closed in 1955, and demolished prior to 1962.
  • State Penitentiary Improvements - Parchman MS
    Using ERA funds, Parchman Farm State Penitentiary was one of several state institutions to receive funding for repairs and improvements, 1934-1935. The Penal Board president reported many buildings in need of repair, including the farm's light plant. Specific repairs are not identified, but $10,401.20 was awarded. In January 1935, the facility built two new dormitories to house prisoners and several other buildings related to running the prison, although whether these were part of the ERA expenditure is not identified. It is unknown if those buildings are extant, although there are surviving buildings from that era. Alan Lomax recorded prisoners singing...
  • State School for the Blind Boys Dormitory - Jackson MS
    The boys' dormitory at the State School for the Blind was designed by architects Hull & Drummond in 1934 as part of a $220,000 project using state funds and ERA funds with WPA labor. The new brick 2-story dormitory was constructed to relieve crowded conditions at the school, and cost in excess of $40,000. An additional $3,587 was awarded in September 1935 in order to complete the dormitory. It was used in the Gilfoy School of Nursing after the school relocated in the late 1940s, and was demolished c. 2005 in order to build a parking lot.
  • State School for the Deaf Improvements - Jackson MS
    The State School for the Deaf, originally constructed 1906-1908, removed a wall and rebuilt one wing on the east wing in order to correct surface drainage damaging the wall. The project, financed by ERA and the state legislature replaced glass, plastered walls, and updated electrical and plumbing systems for a total cost of $39,938.25. The facility was demolished in 1951 following the construction of a new school.
  • State School Improvements - Ellisville MS
    The State School at Ellisville received $15,000 for repairing the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, including roof, floors, windows, and painting. Three employee cottages were improved with painting, woodwork repair, and modern plumbing installation. The grounds were graded and landscaped. The old boys dormitory and old girls dormitory were constructed 1929 and are possibly the dorms that were renovated, and are extant, as are the employee cottages, constructed in 1930.
  • Stone County Courthouse Additions and Improvements - Wiggins MS
    Works Progress Administration project No. 50,037 for $21,140 was approved September 26, 1940 for rehabilitation and additions to the Stone County courthouse constructed in 1917. Architects were Smith and Norwood. The project was slated to begin in early January 1941. By fall of 1941, the Report of the Grand Jury Circuit stated the process of repair and addition of wings would provide sufficient office space. A stairway was in process of construction at the rear of the courthouse to lead into the center of the courthouse and it was thought to lead to interference with court hearings so the Board...
  • Stone Deavours Elementary School (destroyed) - Laurel MS
    The Colonial Revival style Stone Deavours school was designed by architects Krouse & Brasfield. PWA project W1059 for $23,881 grant was approved 9/25/1935 and completed 7/28/1936 for total of $56,477. The building was in use as Laurel School District offices in 1988 when it was destroyed by fire.
  • Street Construction - Moss Point MS
    Public Works Administration project 3566 for street construction in Moss Point was approved 4/11/1934 for a $13,500 loan and $4,802 grant. Construction began 11/14/1935 and was completed 6/22/1936.
  • Street Improvements - Hernando MS
    PWA project 1200 for paving in Hernando was for $16,000 loan and $13,090 grant approved 11/17/1936. Construction began 4/5/1937 and was completed 6/10/1937 for a total cost of $29,571. The work included paving the street around the courthouse square and surfacing eight lateral streets in the town. Contract was awarded to Bowyer & Johnson for $25,037.
  • Street Improvements - New Albany MS
    New Albany received a grant of $28,800 to improve streets 9/13/1938 as PWA project 1324. Construction began 11/17/1938 toward the $62,195 project, completed 8/21/1939.
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