• Cafeteria (former) - Hickory Flat MS
    The National Youth Administration constructed the rock cafeteria for the Hickory Flat school in 1939. The original building featured a double-door entrance in the center and single door entrance/exits on either side of the center doors. The doors were wooden, with 9-pane lights in the upper half of the door. Windows and doors have been altered. The building remains in use by the Hickory Flat school system.
  • Teacherage (demolished) - Hickory Flat MS
    One of two teacherages constructed for the Hickory Flat school district, this building is no longer extant. It was probably demolished to allow the construction of the new gymnasium, as its former location was where the gymnasium parking lot is currently located.
  • Teacherage (former) - Hickory Flat MS
    This teacherage (meant to house teachers for the town school) was one of two constructed by the National Youth Administration in 1939 for the Hickory Flat school. It remains in use by the school.