Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge (demolished) – Greenville MS to AR

The US 82 bridge between Greenville, Mississippi and Lake Village, Arkansas was constructed to increase access between the two states to benefit economic development in the Delta. It was dismantled and replaced in 2011 due to increased river traffic, which… read more

Mississippi River: Levee Improvements – Greenville MS

Mississippi utilized a number of federal work relief and infrastructure opportunities to repair, improve, and construct the levee system at various locations along the Mississippi River from Gunnison in Bolivar county south through Greenville in Washington county to Fitler in… read more

Water Works, Sanitary Sewage, Pumping Station Improvements – Greenville MS

From 1937-1939, Greenville undertook improvements for the water works and sewage disposal, including building one new pumping station. Bids for pumping stating equipment were opened June 1937, and work began in late June to remodel the existing waterworks building constructed… read more