• Armory (former) - Columbus MS
    The city of Columbus approved a bond issue to construct the city's portion of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) financed armory. The architect was R. T. Smith. Columbus purchased a site for the new armory and civic center in the business district. By summer of 1941, the armory was under construction. The Works Progress Administration supplied $45,000 toward the $65,000 building. The armory was a 4-story Art Deco building completed 1041-1942. It has been in use as a convention center since 1987.
  • Camp Pratt - Columbus MS
    The City of Columbus was awarded $8,821 for WPA project 41048 for improvements to Camp Pratt recreation center. The summer camp facility constructed a swimming pool, keeper's house, and remodeled camp houses, using 27 workers for 6 months. The city of Columbus supplied the materials. The 70-acre site was sold in 2018 with the agreement the city could continue to use it for summer camp.
  • Franklin Academy Elementary School - Columbus MS
    The Franklin Academy Elementary School was constructed on the site of the state's oldest public school, Franklin Academy. PWA project x1306 approved a grant of $117,000 9/26/1938. Construction began 12/1/1938 and was completed 12/1/1939 for a total cost of $260,154. Architect R. W. Naef designed the 2 1/2 story brick Colonial Revival building constructed by Daniel Construction Company. The building featured a "two-story pedimented portico supported on continuious Tuscan columns, rusticated brick quoins, and square central tower with octagonal cupola" (P'Pool, 1979, p. 17). The building remains in use as a school.
  • Mississippi University for Women: Callaway Hall Improvements - Columbus MS
    Old Main Dormitory for the Columbus Female Institute was partially constructed for use as a dormitory by enslaved labor in 1860. It was transferred to the state in 1884 for the establishment of the Mississippi State College for Women. The dormitory was no longer in use in the 1930s due to dilapidation and need for repairs. PWA grant W1231 of $49,833 and loan of $61,000 was approved 8/12/1937 for improvements and renovation . Construction began 2/8/1938 and was completed 11/8/1938. It was renamed in honor of Mary J. S. Callaway, Mathematics faculty and twice acting President of the college. Improvements...
  • Post Office - Columbus MS
    The historic New Deal post office in Columbus, Mississippi was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which houses an example of New Deal artwork, was built ca. 1939 and is still in use today.
  • Post Office Mural - Columbus MS
    The historic New Deal post office in Columbus, Mississippi houses an example of New Deal artwork: a Treasury Section of Fine Arts mural entitled "Out of Soil," which was completed in 1940.