• High School (former) - Booneville MS
    The Booneville High School was damaged by the Tupelo tornado in 1936 and subsequently demolished. Stevens & Johnson designed a new building to be constructed on the old site on Fourth Street. R. B. Wall, Mississippi WPA deputy administrator announced the new Booneville High School building was the 118th WPA school construction project. The new $90,000 buff-colored brick building was dedicated in September 1938. The building was sold in 1993 following the construction of a new high school, and is used as a senior care facility.
  • Post Office (former) Mural - Booneville MS
    "Mural entitled "Scenic and Historic Booneville" painted in 1943. This is one of the murals that's title does not match it's content. The artist had wanted to paint a minor, local Civil War skirmish--hence the title. The Section of Fine Arts said no. This mural is still in the old PO building--now the Chancery Court Building."
  • Prentiss County Chancery Court Building Mural - Booneville MS
    Stefan Hirsch painted this oil on canvas mural, entitled "Scenic and Historic Booneville," in 1943, in what was then the Booneville post office, with funds provided by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural is viewable in the lobby.
  • U. S. Post Office (former) - Booneville MS
    The one-story, brick Colonial Revival style post office was constructed in 1939. It is currently in use as the Chancery Clerk's office. Details include a basement, semicircular granite steps leading to the entrance, cast iron railings, and a limestone frieze and cornice with a semicircular portico over the steps. It contains a mural by Stefan Hirsch, completed and installed in 1943.