• Post Office (former) - Batesville MS
    This former post office building was constructed by the Treasury Department in 1940. The one-story brick building has a basement. Wright (2003) described the building, "...a copper visor over the front entrance...recessed windows...decorative dentil work around the top perimeter and between recessed window openings...iron railing on front facade." This building is now used as a private law office. This post office originally contained the mural "Cotton Plantation" by Eve Kottgen, completed in 1942. The current location of the mural is on the work floor of the new post office building where it is not visible to the public.
  • Post Office Mural - Batesville MS
    "New Deal mural entitled "Cotton Plantation" painted in 1942 by Eve Kottgen. It was moved to the current post office in 1998. Due to lack of space (or planning), there was no space in the lobby so the mural was hung on the work floor out of public view. They are happy to let folks view it however." (flickr)
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Batesville MS
    This Batesville elementary school gymnasium was PWA Project # 1371. It is no longer extant.