Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Improvements – St. Louis MO

“From April 1936 through the early 1940s, Depression-era government make-work programs brought improvements to the cemetery. Works Progress Administration (WPA) laborers were responsible for building 23,000’ of hard-surfaced roads and walks, 46,000’ concrete curbs, nearly 16,000’ of “asphalt macadam” roads,… read more

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial – St. Louis MO

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is a large park along the Mississippi River maintained by the National Park Service. It contains the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch. The construction of the park lasted for multiple decades. The WPA and the… read more

Laundry Building, City Hospital Complex – St. Louis MO

This free-standing brick façade laundry facility was completed in 1940 by the Public Works Administration to service the St. Louis City Hospital complex including the City Hospital, Malcolm Bliss Psychopathologic Institute, and clinic. It is a red brick building in… read more

Lexington State Historic Site: Anderson House Restoration – Lexington MO

The Works Progress Administration restored the Anderson House at the Lexington State Historic Site. According to a storyboard (pictured below) in the museum at this site, “significant repairs and restoration were undertaken by the Works Progress Administration as part of the… read more

Liberty Memorial Improvements – Kansas City MO

Now known as the National WWI Museum and Memorial, what was then the Liberty Memorial was the recipient of efforts on the part of multiple New Deal agencies. National Register of Historic Places nomination form: Numerous small-scale features are located throughout… read more

Loggers Lake, Mark Twain National Forest – Bunker MO

CCC crews built this small recreational lake on Mill Creek in Mark Twain National Forest in 1940. It is at least partially spring-fed and tends to be clear. The dam has a simple concrete spillway. In addition to the lake,… read more