• Benjamin Allen Hall, Lincoln University - Jefferson City MO
    Benjamin Allen Hall is named after an early 20th Century Lincoln University president and was built as a dormitory by the PWA in 1936.  It served as housing for black legislators who could not find rooms at hotels in Jefferson City during legislative sessions.  A professor of sociology, Oliver Cromwell Cox, was unable to find suitable housing when he arrived to teach in 1948 and resided in the dormitory for the next 20 years.
  • Bennett Hall, Lincoln University - Jefferson City MO
    This large 3 story brick building overlooks the east side of the Lincoln University campus and was “named in honor of Private Logan Bennett of the 65th U.S. Colored Infantry, who contributed money for Lincoln’s founding.” It was built in 1938 by the PWA as a women’s dormitory.
  • Broadway State Office Building - Jefferson City MO
    This state office building was constructed in the Art Moderne style of Carthage marble in order to complement the state capitol which is north of the Broadway building. It was partly constructed with WPA funds.
  • Carnahan Memorial Gardens - Jefferson City MO
    This sunken garden is chiseled out of the hill adjacent to the 1871 Governor’s Mansion that overlooks the Missouri state capital. The gardens were started in the late 1930s by the WPA. Work included extensive rock wall work. There is a grand stairway that ascends to a pergola that is lit with original lighting. The view of the capital is stunning. The gardens were renamed the Carnahan Memorial Gardens after the untimely death of former governor Mel Carnahan in 2001.
  • Cole County Jail and Sheriff's Residence - Jefferson City MO
    In 1972 the U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service approved the nomination of the Cole County Jail-Sheriff’s House to the National Register of Historic Places. The areas of significance were identified as architecture, political and jurisprudence. The nomination form described the Jail-Sheriff’s house as compatible in style and stonework pattern with the courthouse. The square-plan building is three bays wide on each façade, with the front entrance centered on the northwest façade in a projected, gabled bay. The rectangular-plan, three-story jail is joined to the sheriff’s house along the southeast façade of the sheriff’s house. The jail is...
  • East Elementary School - Jefferson City MO
    This school was constructed by the PWA at the same time as West Elementary school in Jefferson City. It includes some of the West school Modern Deco elements, but has a red brick façade with decorative brick and concrete elements.  It is currently being used by the Jefferson City, but is in the process of extensive remodeling that includes the initial construction information.    
  • John Damel Hall, Lincoln University - Jefferson City MO
    In 1936, the PWA built Damel Hall, named after John W Damel, who taught at Lincoln University for more than 40 years. Damel Hall was built to house the “Mechanics Arts Department” and currently houses computer sciences and other technology specialties.
  • Libby Anthony Hall, Lincoln University - Jefferson City MO
    In 1940, the Public Works Administration (PWA) financed this three-story brick building as a dormitory to house female students at Lincoln University. It is named after Libby Anthony, a “matron” of girls and an instructor in the department of domestic economy.  
  • Lincoln University - Jefferson City MO
    Jefferson City, Missouri's Lincoln University received a $10,000 grant from the federal Civil Works Administration (CWA).
  • Post Office and Courthouse - Jefferson City MO
    The historic United States Post Office and Courthouse in Jefferson City, Missouri was dedicated on November 17, 1934. In the dedication address, J. Austin Latimer, Special Assistant to the Postmaster General stated, "The magnificent building we dedicate today will long stand as a monument and milestone of the social and business progress of Jefferson City. The postal service is a true barometer of business and progress. Beautiful architecture also shows the culture of a civilization." "If this building were just a post office, we'd know it was built by the Treasury Dept. Since there's a courthouse, too, perhaps it's PWA." A new...
  • Washington Park - Jefferson City MO
    This large park sits on both sides of a creek that meanders through the grounds and is crossed by several bridges. The park was developed by the WPA in the 1930s. The Washington Park shelter house on Missouri St was originally an open air structure, but has been enclosed and added onto. The bridge to the baseball field has a WPA insignia in the rock work. A large tennis court is on the east side of the park. Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe played on these courts. Extensive rock wall are found adjacent to the creek for erosion control.
  • West Elementary School - Jefferson City MO
    In 1938, the PWA built this large white-painted school with modern deco elements on the front façade. It is currently in use by the Jefferson City public school system.