• Lawrence Street Park Bowl - Zeeland MI
    This outdoor amphitheater was built into a hillside of a city park so the sounds from summer concerts and other events could easily project up through the audience. This popular gathering spot was renovated in 2009, with $220,000 covering improvements to the structure itself, as well as new barrier-free concrete ramps, new landscaping and new sound and lighting equipment. According to Michigan Live, "Set at the bottom of a wooded hill, just west of the downtown area, the bowl was built as part of a federal Works Progress Administration project at Lawrence Park in the mid-1930s."  
  • United States Post Office - Zeeland MI
    Anchoring downtown Zeeland, the new one-story 60 by 70 foot post office was built for $68,000. Construction was completed in just seven months, tapping into a pool of unemployed workers available during the New Deal Era. Although the population of Zeeland at that time did not justify such a large post office, Zeeland was then home to 60 hatcheries, shipping up to 13 million live chicks and turkey poults to farmers per year, by rail and through the postal service. The post office opened on December 2, 1935.
  • Zeeland City Hall - Zeeland MI
    This building allowed all city functions to be carried out in a single location for the first time, and included a council meeting room, a large public meeting room, a police station with jail cell, and city offices. This was the first public building built under the Civil Works Administration in Ottawa County.
  • Zeeland Municipal Power Plant - Zeeland MI
    In 1935, the City of Zeeland, Michigan began its transition to a municipal power system, after purchasing power through a franchise with Consumers Power Company since 1902.  In 1936, Zeeland built a light and power distribution system for $36,000, and then added a diesel-powered electric power plant on East Washington Avenue for $85,000 to complete the system.  A combination of revenue bonds and assistance from the Public Works Administration financed the project.  The plant was dedicated on November 9, 1937. The Zeeland City Council supervised its operations until a charter was enacted to form the Zeeland Board of Public Works...