• Forest Improvements and CCC Camps - Huron-Manistee National Forests MI
    "The Huron-Manistee National Forests are two national forests combined in 1945 for administration purposes and which comprise 978,906 acres (3,960 km2) of public lands, including 5,786 acres (23 km2) of wetlands, extending across the northern lower peninsula of Michigan." (wikipedia.org) "There were 11 CCC camps on the Huron National Forest and 25 on the Manistee National Forest. The Manistee men built the Chittenden Nursery at Wellston to supply seedlings for planting." (www.foresthistory.org)
  • State Police Post (former) - Cadillac MI
    Constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), this facility was built to house the Michigan State Police's Gaylord Post. Construction began on July 29, 1937 and the post opened on Feb. 23, 1938. The building is now privately owned.