Municipal Improvements – Winter Harbor ME

CWA, ERA, WPA, and PWA during the entire period of the New Deal were involved in some economic activity, not counting the CCC work on the park and Navy Base in this small coastal community. 1934 Under ROADS AND BRIDGES,… read more

Schoodic Peninsula and Navy Base (former) – Winter Harbor ME

The Schoodic Peninsula is “located four miles (6 km) east of Bar Harbor, Maine, as the crow flies and contains 2,266 acres (9 km2), or approximately 5%, of Acadia National Park.” Following a deal with John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and… read more

U.S. Naval Direction Finder Station (former) Improvements – Winter Harbor ME

The W.P.A. worked to improve the former U.S. Naval Direction Finder Station, by Schoodic Point, south of Winter Harbor, Maine. W.P.A. project information: “Construct garage, tennis courts, and roadways” Official Project Number: 109‐3‐11‐24 Total project cost: $17,673.00 Sponsor: Commandant, 1st Naval… read more