Fort McKinley (former) Improvements – Portland ME

The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted improvement work at the former Fort McKinley on Great Diamond Island in Portland, Maine. Project information: “Rehabilitation of buildings including plumbing, heating, and electrical” Official Project Number: 13‐2‐11‐108 Total project cost: $40,000.00 Sponsor: War Department ‐Q.M.C. “Fts…. read more

Maritime Commission Hospital (former) Additions – Portland ME

From Joseph Conforti’s Creating Portland: “The Public Works Administration constructed a number of staff residences and dormitories on the campus of the existing Maritime Commission hospital, which was completed in 1859.” From Joseph Conforti’s Creating Portland: “The Public Works Administration… read more

Portland Observatory Restoration – Portland ME

“Captain Lemuel Moody (1768-1846) ordered construction of this octagonal, 86-foot high tower to serve as a communication station for Portland’s bustling harbor. In 1807, ships entering the harbor could not be seen from the docks of Portland until they rounded… read more