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  • West Peru Community Center - Peru ME
    West Peru Grammar School was built in December 1936 with the help of a $11,000 PWA loan. The school contained all eight grades plus the kindergarten, for which there were three teachers and a teacher/principal. Once the West Peru Grammar School was open other area schools began to close and send their students to West Peru. From 1938 to 1942 all seven of the other town schools closed. Over the next few decades the school was enlarged several times to meet the needs of the growing student population. In 2004, Peru merged with Dixfield, Canton and Carthage, in School Area District...
  • Westbrook Post Office (former) Mural - Portland ME
    The former post office building in Westbrook, Maine was constructed during the Great Depression and received an example of New Deal artwork: "Woodsmen in the Woods of Maine". The oil-on-canvas mural was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, and completed by Waldo Peirce in 1937. When the post office was decommissioned and parts of the interior were being removed, the "whole wall section, with door, was donated (lent) to the Portland Museum of Art," where the work is still visible.
  • Western Promenade Retaining Walls - Portland ME
    The Western Promenade is an historic promenade, 18.5 acres (7.5 ha) public park and recreation area in Portland, Maine's West End neighborhood. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes a number of historic properties, including the Adam P. Leighton House. The WPA was involved in constructing retaining walls.
  • William S. Cohen School - Bangor ME
    "Two new junior high schools in Bangor were built and equipped at the cost of $740,000. Every cent of this was paid by the W.P.A. (Works Projects Administration) City Manager Wallace designed the two school grounds." Original name was the Garland Street Jr. High School. Name changed in 1997 to the William S. Cohen School, named after former Secretary of Defense William Cohen who was born and grew up in Bangor . It is located at 304 Garland Street in Bangor Maine. "The Cohen school and its sister school, the James F. Doughty School were both built with funds from the Works...
  • Williams Playground - Bangor ME
    A small park in Bangor with playground equipment, a basketball court and non functioning tennis court with plans to convert it into a Pickleball court. When constructed by the WPA as part of their comprehensive city-wide work program it originally contained a tennis court, concrete wading pool, playground area, baseball diamond and football field. According to various people who grew up in Bangor, the playground was a very important part of their lives and memories. "We always called it Newberry St. Park. Had a lot of fun there." "My Dad's family, the Burke's lived on Gridley St. and he (Bobby Burke)...
  • Winslow High Athletic Field - Winslow ME
    "The Winslow High School, with a modern building costing nearly $175,000, had no satisfactory grounds for athletic contests. The lot upon which the High School was built was very uneven, a brook and gully running through the middle. The town had raised a fund for grading the lot and upon completion of the grading for the Building and tennis courts, there was only $2,300 left for grading the remainder of the four acre lot. This was inadequate and no work had been done other than some fill being placed by local manufacturing companies and others using it as a dump. When the...
  • Winterville Salmon Hatchery (abandoned) - Winterville ME
    A former salmon hatchery in Aroostook County. One of many projects that have been neglected by the state. The March 11 1938 Bangor Daily News in an article "Aroostook WPA Crews Will Be Increased To 1200 by March 20" notes that "At Winterville, where a fish rearing pool is under construction under the sponsorship of the inland fish and game department the crew will be augmented by 40 men from Eagle Lake, Wallagrass, and Winterville." A WPA job card notes that "Located on Birch River at Winterville - Salmon Fish Hatchery built by the WPA and sponsored by the Maine...
  • Woodlawn Cemetery Improvements - Westbrook ME
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) improved the Woodlawn Cemetery in Westbrook ME Excerpt from the town 1933 report, "WOODLAWN AVENUE GREATLY IMPROVED BY C.W.A. PROJECT The three miles of avenues in Woodlawn were given a coat of gravel during the winter. This project was arranged for by Mayor Jordan and heartily approved by the Cemetery Trustees, and is the most important improvement ever made in the Cemetery. The project gave employment to a large number of men and trucks and was completed within the time allotted for the work and somewhat below the estimated cost. The spreading of the gravel in winter and the dragging and...
  • Woods Pond Beach - Bridgton ME
    Construction on Woods Pond Beach was performed by CCC Co. 1124, located in Bridgton. According to the 1937 1st District CCC yearbook, "The camp has been very fortunate in having a number of ideal lunch ground sites located within easy working distance of camp. To date five of these have been constructed, and are being enthusiastically used by visitors and residents alike. The most rustic is located at Willis Brook, Bridgton. The shelters on this lunch ground are roofed with hand hewn shingles." CCC Yearbook
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