• Babbin Farm - Caribou ME
    The Babbin Farm is an example of the work of the Resettlement Administration in getting families off the relief rolls and back to farming. An article in the July 1 1937 Bangor Daily News reports on two families, the Babbins and Holmquists who were helped. The article mentions that a million farm families were on the relief rolls as the depression came on. “It was during this crisis that the government came to the conclusion that in most cases a more ideal and beneficial situation exists when the farmer is helped to help himself himself than by parceling out of direct...
  • Caribou Municipal Airport - Caribou ME
    Caribou Municipal Airport saw development work conducted by multiple New Deal agencies. It was developed as part of a statewide airport building effort by FERA. It was originally built with a N - S 3000x250 graded sod runway, & a E - W 2,000x300 graded sod runway. W.P.A. project info: "Construct municipal airport" Official Project Number: 165‐1‐11‐60 Total project cost: $181,424.00 Sponsor: Town of Caribou "Construct Caribou Municipal Airport" Official Project Number: 165‐X‐XX‐100 Total project cost: $276,174.00 Sponsor: Town of Caribou "Construct municipal airport" Official Project Number: 165‐1‐11‐100 Total project cost: $1,022,200.00 Sponsor: War Department
  • Nylander Museum - Caribou ME
    "Located in Caribou, Maine, the Nylander Museum of Natural History was dedicated in 1939 by Maine Governor Lewis Barrows. The museum was built as a WPA project. The museum’s construction was jointly funded by federal, state, and municipal governments. The museum was originally designed to house the collections of Olof O. Nylander, a self-taught naturalist from Oremella, Sweden born in 1864, died 1943... Today the Nylander Museum houses the original Nylander collection and additional specimens and exhibits that have been donated or are on loan to the museum."   (https://www.cariboumaine.org)