Airport – Princeton ME

The W.P.A. worked to develop what is now known as Princeton Municipal Airport, in Princeton, Maine. W.P.A. project info: “Improvements to airport” Official Project Number: 165‐1‐11‐52 Total project cost: $358,036.00 Sponsor: War Department “Make improvements to municipal airport” Official Project Number:… read more

Androscoggin Swinging Bridge Restoration – Brunswick to Topsham ME

A suspension bridge over Androscoggin River on Pedestrian Path in Brunswick and Topsham. Built in 1892 by John A. Roebling Sons Co. to allow mill employees in Bruswick access to housing in Topsham. The bridge was heavily damaged in the… read more

Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport – Auburn ME

Aerial View of the Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport - Auburn ME

A 1940 Maine State Legislature report records the Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport was one of 6 airports considered important for national defense by the State Defense Commission in 1940 and that construction was undertaken by the WPA. Developed under FERA, it… read more

Bangor International Airport – Bangor ME

Dow Army Air Field

 Created in 1927 as a commercial airport named Godfrey Field. In 1940 the Maine State Defense Commission considered 6 airports priority for use as military bases, Bangor being a key one. A 1940 Maine State Legislature report records that construction… read more

Belvedere Road and Bridge Improvements – Damariscotta ME

Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge and Belvedere Rd. were improved with WPA aid in the mid 1930s. The following information is from a 1937 municipal report: W. P. A. PROJECTS No Appropriations Expenditures: Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge [on Belvedere Rd.] Miscellaneous $14.00 Materials $236.04 Truck… read more

Brunswick Executive Airport – Brunswick ME

The Brunswick airport was originally built in 1935 by the Maine Emergency Relief Administration, a state division of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration after a survey of airports in the state by Capt. Harry M. Jones with the intention of… read more