• Aberdeen Proving Grounds: Officers' Quarters - Aberdeen MD
    "This P.W.A. allotment made it possible for the Quartermaster Corps of the Army to erect 12 field officers' quarters of the type illustrated on this page. Each building provides heater, fuel, and storerooms, and a laundry in the basement; a living room, sun porch, dining room, kitchen, pantry, garage, and maid's room on the first floor; and three bedrooms, two baths, and a dressing room on the second floor. They are frame buildings with exterior walls of native quarry stone. They were completed in February 1936 and the P.W.A. allotment, which involved other buildings at the post, was $688,707."
  • Post Office - Aberdeen MD
    The Aberdeen, Maryland post office was constructed with federal funds. The building, which opened for business in 1937, is still in use today.