Aberjona River Rechanneling – Winchester MA

Winchester.us: “During the 1930s the channel upstream of the Aberjona Pond was rechanneled, section by section, as ERA and WPA projects. The projects were based on recommendations by Herbert Kellaway, published in 1928. In the Kellaway plan, three ponds for… read more

Ginn Field-Area Development – Winchester MA

Winchester.us: “Ginn Field was laid out as a playground and three tennis courts were built. The other main project at that time was grading the field, accomplished by the WPA in 1938-40. The work of improving the field also included… read more

Middlesex Fells Reservation Development – Medford MA

The Middlesex Fells Reservation spans multiple towns north of Boston. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Civil Works Administration (CWA), and Works Progress Administration (WPA) were each active in developing the area. Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission annual reports detail the work… read more

Middlesex Fells Reservation: Winchester Section Trails – Winchester MA

Description of a W.P.A. project undertaken in 1938: “Middlesex Fells Reservation, Winchester Section; to widen, drain and grade three miles of bridle trails. The trails to be for equestrian, police patrol, fire control and maintenance use.” The Winchester section is the far… read more