• Middlesex Fells Reservation Development - Medford MA
    The Middlesex Fells Reservation spans multiple towns north of Boston. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Civil Works Administration (CWA), and Works Progress Administration (WPA) were each active in developing the area. Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission annual reports detail the work of the New Deal over time. 1934 report: "During the first eleven weeks of this year about 2,800 men were employed on Federal Civil Works Administration projects. Most of these men were employed in the Blue Hills and Middlesex Fells Reservations. A large amount of necessary work was accomplished in the various divisions, which consisted mainly of cutting and burning brush, removing dead and...
  • Middlesex Fells Reservation: Whip Hill Paths - Stoneham MA
    The W.P.A. conducted path development and improvement work in the Whip Hill portion of the Middlesex Fells Reservation, in Stoneham, Mass.
  • North Metropolitan Relief Sewer - Stoneham MA
    The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (a.k.a. Public Works Administration, or PWA) sponsored construction of the North Metropolitan Relief Sewer: section 1115B included work in Stoneham. Contractor: C. & R. Construction Company.
  • North School - Stoneham MA
    The North School of Stoneham, Massachusetts was built in 1939 as an elementary school with the assistance of funds provided by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. It has been adaptively reused as eleven condominiums.
  • Post Office - Stoneham MA
    The Stoneham, Massachusetts branch post office was constructed with federal funds. The building, which opened for business in 1940, is still in use today.
  • Post Office Relief - Stoneham MA
    The Terra Cotta relief entitled "Shoemakers of Stoneham" was carved by William Zorach as a part of the New Deal Section of Fine Arts program funded by the Treasury Department. “ depicts three men diligently working away constructing shoes. Around them are the tools of their trade: knives, awls, lasting hammers, thread, leather, wooden lasts, pincers, stirrups and lapstones…” “In selecting a theme for the new Post Office in Stoneham, William Zorach chose to celebrate the skilled artisans of Stoneham's pre-industrial past. The three shoemakers depicted in the wall sculpture above the Post Master's door hearken back to a time when...
  • Town Hall - Stoneham MA
    Stoneham's historic town hall building was built with the assistance of the federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.). The agency supplied a $75,951 grant for the town hall's construction, whose total cost was $161,225. Construction occurred between Nov. 1938 and Oct. 1939. PWA Docket No. MA W1013