• Cavanagh Stadium - Quincy MA
    WPA Bulletin, 1937: "Recently the Birch Street Playground, which was transformed by WPA from a gravel pit into an attractive athletic site, was dedicated by Mayor Burgin who turned over the "Keys of the Field" to the School Committee. North Quincy High School helped in the dedication by defeating Milton's High School in a football contest, 21 to 7. This playground is to be used exclusively for track and football."
  • Chickatawbut Observation Tower - Quincy MA
    The Chickatawbut Observation Tower is a historic tower on Chickatawbut Road in Quincy (MA) within the Blue Hill Reservation. Unfortunately it is not open to the public. The tower was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s (I don't know the exact year). Though I’m not 100% positive, I’d guess that the shelter structure at the tower's base was part of the same 1930s project.
  • Faxon Park - Quincy MA
    Quincy, Massachusetts's Historical and Architectural Survey writes: "Other projects elsewhere in the City included several buildings at Faxon Park, including a remarkable stone wall ..."
  • Furnace Brook Parkway Improvements - Quincy MA
    W.P.A. project descriptions: "Furnace Brook Parkway; fill was furnished and placed for a parking space in the rear of the Quincy Armory; the commission being a co-sponsor with the City of Quincy." "Furnace Brook Parkway; landscaping work was done along the parkway between Willard Street and the St. Moritz sports area."
  • Merrymount Park - Quincy MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor conducted the following work at Merrymount Park in Quincy. WPA Bulletin: All who have motored to the South Shore or Cape this summer have noted the WPA work on the Pfaffman Oval in Merrymount Park. Here a perfect football field and running track are being enclosed with a high brick wall. Reinforced concrete bleachers, dressing and storage rooms are being built. Below the field the city is gradually filling up a salt water marsh and will in a few years have reclaimed the entire area up to the curving South Shore Road.
  • Naval Air Station Squantum (former) - Boston MA
    The former Squantum Naval Reserve Aviation Base / Naval Air Station was improved and expanded in part during the 1930s with federal Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) funds and labor. W.P.A. project details: "Install telephone systems" Official Project Number: 165‐14‐4005 Total project cost: $16,633.00 Sponsor: U.S. Navy Department "Erect building" Official Project Number: 265‐14‐4004 Total project cost: $14,027.00 Sponsor: U.S. Navy Department "Demolish building and salvage material, and rough grade area" Official Project Number: 265‐14‐4010 Total project cost: $82,161.00 Sponsor: U.S. Naval Reserve, Mayor, City of Quincy "Enlarge flying field and improve drainage" Official Project Number: 265‐14‐4013 Total project cost: $132,165.00 Sponsor: Commanding Officer, Aviation Base, U.S. Naval Reserve "Construct ditches and grade field" Official...
  • O'Neil Park - Quincy MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor remodeled and rebuilt O'Neil Park in Quincy.
  • O'Rourke Field Field House - Quincy MA
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a field house at O'Rourke Field in Quincy, Mass. Quincy's Historical and Architectural Survey writes: "Other projects elsewhere in the City included ... the field house at O'Rourke Playground ..." The building is still in use today, though likely as a storage facility. Local sources visiting in 2014 state: "the cement stairs leading up to the field house doors exhibit major cracks ... due to the field house's foundation settling over the years as it is located in a low lying area right near Furnace Brook."
  • Post Office - Wollaston MA
    Constructed by the Treasury Department in 1940.
  • Post Office Relief - Wollaston MA
    The post office contains a carved wooden relief entitled "Welder." It was created by artist George Kratina in 1942 and funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Sewers - Quincy MA
    Multiple sewer construction projects in Quincy, Mass. were undertaken with the assistance of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. PWA Docket Nos. MA 1985, 2051.
  • St. Moritz Toboggan Slide - Quincy MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) laborers constructed a toboggan slide at St. Moritz Park in Quincy, Mass.
  • Thomas Crane Public Library, Coletti Addition - Quincy MA
    Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, Massachusetts received a sizable addition as part of a New Deal Public Works Administration (PWA) project. The PWA provided a $89,958 grant for the work, whose final cost was $183,999. Construction occurred between Oct. 1938 and Dec. 1939.
  • Veterans Memorial Stadium - Quincy MA
    Two plaques at the entrance gate explain the heritage of Veterans Memorial Stadium: Northerly plaque: "This site is part of the grant known as Merrymount Park / Given to the People of Quincy by Charles Francis Adams In the Year 1885 - The Football Field and the Stadium known as Pfaffman Oval was Built at the time when George E. Pfaffman was Chairman of Quincy Park Board." Southerly plaque: "Quincy Municipal Stadium / Dedicated to the Youth of Quincy / As a Memorial to War Veterans / 1937 Erected 1938 - Thomas S. Burgin Mayor - Designed and Constructed under the Direction...
  • Wampatuck Road Reconstruction - Quincy MA
    W.P.A. project description: "The three projects, which were approved and on which work was started late in the year, provide for the reconstruction of: first, Wampatuck Road from Furnace Brook Parkway to Chickatawbut Road, Quincy, a distance of 4,800 feet ... All these roads will have a width of 30 feet and have a 5-inch bituminous concrete surface on a 12-inch gravel base. Also, an 8-ft. wide, 2-inch bituminous surfaced walk will be constructed adjacent to and for the whole length of each road. Work will include excavation of earth, rock and ledge, installation of drainage systems, filling and grading, loaming...
  • Water Mains - Boston, Milton, and Quincy MA
    1939 MDC annual report: "Contract No. 128, P.W.A. Docket No. Mass. 1516-F — Mass. State Project No. D-203, was made with M. DeMatteo Construction Company of Roslindale on October 18, 1938 for the sum of $187,617.50, and was accepted by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works on October 20, 1938. The work on this contract comprised the furnishing and laying of about 11,000 linear feet of 36-inch steel water pipe for reinforcing Southern High-service Pipe Lines to Milton, Quincy and the Dorchester District of Boston." "The work on this contract was completed on October 6 at a total expenditure of $223,377.59." The W.P.A....