Chickatawbut Road Improvements – Milton MA

Description of W.P.A. projects: “Chickatawbut Road, Braintree; work will be started in the early spring of 1939 on the general improvement and beautification of the Chickatawbut Road entrance to Blue Hills Reservation. Work will include tree removal, clearing, excavation, rip-rapping… read more

Chicopee Memorial State Park – Chicopee MA

In the 1890s, the city of Chicopee purchased a tract of land along Cooley Brook for the creation of a reservoir, which later took place in 1926. Nearly a decade later during the Great Depression the area was selected for… read more

Cochituate Water System – Wayland MA

Multiple New Deal agencies contributed to the construction of water mains and development of the water system for Wayland, Mass. Examples of water mains installed or replaced: Stanton St., Harrison St., and Dunster Ave. in 1933; Old Connecticut Path and… read more

Commonwealth Armory (demolished) Development – Boston MA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted substantial improvement work at the historic Commonwealth Armory. The facility was demolished in 2002. The details—including description, Official Project Numbers, total costs, and sponsors—of more than a dozen W.P.A. projects undertaken at the armory can be found in… read more

Crowe Park Development – Maynard MA

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) conducted multiple work projects at Crowe Park in Maynard, Massachusetts in 1934, including removing rocks and stumps; grading land for parking space; painting its grandstands; and constructing tennis courts. In 1935 F.E.R.A. labor “erected… read more

Danvers Agricultural School (former) Athletic Field – Danvers MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers constructed an athletic field at the former Danvers Agricultural School in Danvers, Massachusetts. From a W.P.A. Bulletin: Students, townspeople, and particularly young children will be benefited on completion of a six acre WPA Athletic Field… read more