• Armory (former) Improvements - Malden MA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted improvement work at the historic armory building in Malden, Mass. WPA project details: "Improve, remodel, and alter Armory building" Official Project Number: 665‐14‐2‐103X Total project cost: $28,557.00 Sponsor: State Quartermaster, Massachusetts National Guard
  • Fellsmere Pond Overlook - Malden MA
    The W.P.A. worked at Fellsmere Park in Malden, MA. Efforts included the development of an overlook of Fellsmere Pond.
  • Linden Fire Station (former) Expansion - Malden MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers constructed an extension to the multi-purpose former community building and Linden Fire Station in Malden, Mass. WPA Bulletin: A ward meeting place has been built, recreational quarters added and library floor space doubled by a recent WPA addition to the Linden Fire Station, and branch public library, Maiden. The addition is provided with modern heating, plumbing and electricity. The expansion housed a small branch library, in addition to the fire station. The building has not been an active fire station or library for years, however, it remains the property of the City of Malden which utilizes it for...
  • Tennis Courts - Malden MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor constructed more than two dozen tennis courts in Malden, Mass. WPA Bulletin: Your observer always believed that rock salt was something used in hand-turned ice cream freezers or on street car tracks on icy days. Recently he came across another and most unusual use for the product when he investigated reports that rock salt had been used successfully on a WPA constructed tennis court in Maiden. The report was correct, so correct in fact that the mixture is to be used on 28 other courts in the city. The salt mixture gives a hard, even surface,...
  • Wachusett Mountain State Reservation Forestry Work - Princeton MA
    "Beginning late in November considerable work was accomplished with Civil Works Administration forces employed on forestry work in the Wachusett, Sudbury and Distribution sections."
  • Waitt's Mountain Park - Malden MA
    "In the 1930's the Works Progress Administration (WPA) undertook a series of improvements including the construction of the loop road around the summit ." A 1937 WPA Bulletin reported: In 1934 Waitt's Mount in Maiden looked like a quarry-workers' nightmare. It was a huge, bald and jagged granite ledge whose slope was covered with twisted, stunted trees and tangled underbrush; probably the most useless piece of land in this section of the state. Today the Mount is a beautifully terraced park which commands a 15-mile panorama of metropolitan Boston. The park, built by the WPA, has landscaped slopes, shade trees, rustic...