• Cambridge Reservoir Improvements - Lincoln MA
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted substantial improvement work at Cambridge Reservoir (Hobbs Brook Reservoir) in Lincoln and Waltham, MA. Work included nine miles (for an area of about 500,000 square feet) of shore rip-rapping and the clearing 316 acres of trees and underbrush.
  • Charles River Reservation Improvements - Cambridge MA
    W.P.A. project description: "Charles River Reservation, Cambridge; a supplementary project for the completion of, and additional improvements of, the Charles River Reservation between Charles River Dam and Mount Auburn Street was approved in November of 1938 and work will be continued through the winter as weather permits. The project provides for the construction of 1,500 linear feet of 6-ft. wide stone dust walks, 1,500 square yards of bituminous concrete walks, 320 square yards of Portland cement concrete walks; the installation of 5,500 linear feet of concrete curbing for parking spaces, 100 linear feet of 1-ft. by 4-ft. concrete wall; placing of...
  • Fresh Pond Golf Course Beautification - Cambridge MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers conducted the following work in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From a W.P.A. Bulletin: WPA beautification of the Cambridge Fresh Pond Parkway golf course includes the filling of unsightly water filled pools, messed with an accumulation of assorted junk and discarded automobiles.
  • Gerry's Landing Improvements - Cambridge MA
    Description of a project undertaken by the W.P.A. in 1937: "Gerry's Landing, Charles River Lower Basin; a project for the improvement of this area was started in 1936 and completed during the year. Extensive improvements were made which involved work of grading, loaming and seeding grass areas, filling of low lands, construction of gravel walks, service roads, etc."
  • Longfellow Bridge Repairs - Boston to Cambridge MA
    A Boston Public Works Department report cited Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) labor as conducting the following work: "Longfellow Bridge, repairs to parapet walls."
  • Main Post Office - Cambridge MA
    Also known as the Clifton Merriman Post Office, the main post office in Cambridge, Massachusetts—originally a branch of the Boston post office—was constructed with federal funds in 1934-5. It was designed in Classical Revival style with Art Deco influences by architects Leland, James D., & Co.; Baven, John, Co., Inc. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.
  • Memorial Drive Overpass and Traffic Circle - Cambridge MA
    The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (a.k.a. Public Works Administration, or PWA) sponsored development of an overpass and traffic circle intersection with Memorial Drive and Brookline St./the Boston University Bridge (formerly Cottage Farm Bridge). 1938 MDC annual report: "Borings were taken and plans were prepared for a proposed traffic circle and overpass at the intersection of Cottage Farm Bridge and Memorial Drive, Cambridge. The proposed construction necessitated widening of the adjacent bridge over the Boston and Albany Railroad and a contract was awarded for, and work started on the widening, which is Section 1 of the project. Construction of the circle, Section...
  • Newtowne Court - Cambridge MA
    Newtowne Court is a 294 units apartment complex located in the town of Cambridge, MA. There are eight three-story walk-up buildings; most entrances serve six to nine apartments. Includes 6 units for households with vision impairments. This was one of 50 slum clearance or low income housing development projects financed by the Public Works Administration. The cost was $2,500,000.
  • O'Connell Library - Cambridge MA
    The O'Connell Library building in East Cambridge, Mass. was constructed as a New Deal project with Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) funds. The P.W.A. supplied a $22,500 grant for the project, whose total cost was $50,128. Construction occurred between Oct. 1938 and Aug. 1939. PWA Docket No. MA X1453.
  • Webster School (former) Improvements - Cambridge MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor conducted improvements at the former Webster School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: In Webster Grammar School, Cambridge, WPA workmen have weather-stripped 194 windows. This work will result in a saving of fuel costs, elimination of drafts from loose windows and will help maintain an even temperature throughout the building.