Bellevue Hill Park Improvements – Boston MA

W.P.A. project description: 1938 Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission annual report: “Blue Hills Division, in Boston; this project provided for extensive beautification work of road construction, sidewalk construction, grading of roadside slopes, drainage, etc. in Stony Brook Reservation, Bellevue Hill Section,… read more

Boston Army Base (former) – Boston MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted drastic improvement work at the South Boston Army Base in Boston, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: At the Army Base, South Boston, WPA employed more than 1000 men repairing and altering buildings, warehouses, wharves, roads, grounds and… read more

Boston Navy Yard (former) Development – Boston MA

The W.P.A. conducted substantial improvement and development work at the then-Boston Navy Yard, which was located southeast of Chelsea Street in Charlestown. The details—including description, Official Project Numbers, total costs, and sponsors—of more than two dozen W.P.A. projects undertaken at the Navy Yard can… read more

Broadway Bridge (demolished) Repairs – Boston MA

A Boston Public Works Department report cited Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) labor as conducting the following work: “Broadway Bridge was chipped, cleaned and painted.” Spanning Fort Point Channel, the bridge has since been demolished as the area has been… read more

Charlesbank Beach – Boston MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers constructed a bathing beach and recreation site along the Charles River by the end of Longfellow Bridge, in 1936. The project included a baseball diamond, benches, and shelters. WPA Bulletin: Children from Boston’s hot and… read more