• Post Office - Arcadia LA
    The historic post office in Arcadia, Louisiana was constructed in 1937 with U.S. Treasury Department funds. The building, which houses a New Deal mural, is still in use today.
  • Post Office Mural - Arcadia LA
    The oil-on-canvas mural "Cotton Time," by Allison B. Curry, depicts workers harvesting an abundant cotton crop with a cotton mill in the background, evoking the agrarian and industrial aspects of that state's history. "Curry’s initial design for the post office in Arcadia hoped to harmonize an agricultural past with an industrial future. In Curry’s composition, an ox-drawn cart pulls a cotton-laden wagon toward the market. But when Section officials requested that Curry add “a piece of architecture that has a note of reassurance” to his horizon, he chose an oil derrick, with the obvious implications." (knowLA)