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  • Street and Sidewalk Improvements - McKee KY
    The federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) undertook the following project in Jackson County, Kentucky: "Const. of Sidewalks, Grading, Draining, and Surfacing Of All Streets In McKee, 1 Mile Of Streets, 1 Bridge, 4 Sidewalks, 200 Lin. Ft. Stonewall"
  • Swampton School - Swampton KY
    The Works Progress Administration built the Swampton School in Swampton KY circa 1938.
  • U.S. Courthouse and Custom House Addition - Louisville KY
    Now known as the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House, the historic United States Post Office, Court House and Custom House in Louisville, Kentucky was constructed in 1931-2, before the advent of the New Deal. However, in "1936, with a growing need for more offices and courtrooms, the PWA also funded the addition of the sixth floor."
  • U.S. Courthouse and Custom House Murals - Louisville KY
    Now known as the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House, the historic United States Post Office, Court House and Custom House in Louisville, Kentucky houses New Deal artwork. "The building was among the first recipients of artwork commissioned by the Treasury Relief Art Project — a program ... that employed painters and sculptors to incorporate art within the interiors of federal buildings nationwide. In 1935, the PWA funded artist Frank Weathers Long, a Kentucky native, to paint ten murals depicting regional themes of commerce, agriculture, and sport."
  • Union County Courthouse Extension - Morganfield KY
    "The third and present Union County courthouse was constructed in 1872. The design for the courthouse came from J.K. Frick of Indiana. The contract for construction was awarded to A.B. Weaver, G.E. Bell, G.W. Fallon and William Brown. A grant provided by the Public Works Administration allowed the courthouse to be doubled in size with the building of an addition."
  • United States Bullion Depository - Fort Knox KY
    "In 1935 Congress authorized the transfer of a portion of the property within the Fort Knox Military Reservation in Kentucky to the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Treasury for the construction thereon of a depository for bullion. The two-story, basement, and attic building is granite, steel, and concrete supported on a 10-foot thick mat of concrete. Its exterior dimensions are 105 by 121 feet and its height is 42 feet above the first-floor level. It was constructed under the supervision of the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department and upon completion was turned over to the Director...
  • University of Kentucky Student Center - Lexington KY
    The University of Kentucky's Student Center, completed 1937, is one of several buildings on the university's campus constructed during the Great Depression with the help of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) financial assistance. The Student Center has since been expanded.
  • University of Louisville: Grawemeyer Hall Sculptures - Louisville KY
    Two 4' high classical style sculptures flank the entrance to Grawemeyer Hall. They were built in 1939 with WPA Federal Art Project funding. The artist is unknown.
  • Waterworks - Evarts KY
    The federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) constructed a waterworks system in Evarts, Kentucky ca. 1940.
  • Western Kentucky University Buildings - Bowling Green KY
    Western Kentucky University received money from the PWA for the construction of the Kentucky Building and of Cherry Hall in the late 1930s. WPA and PWA assistance also helped build a new music building. Henry Hardin Cherry Hall, named in honor of the then-recently deceased president of Western Kentucky State Teachers College (now Western Kentucky University), was project number KY 1043-R of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. The building was dedicated in September 1937, the month after Dr. Cherry's death and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. The architect was Brinton B. Davis. The contractor...
  • William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse - Bowling Green KY
    What is now known as the William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky was constructed as the United States Post Office and Courthouse in 1940-1. Construction was funded by the Treasury Department. The building also houses New Deal artwork.
  • William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse Mural - Bowling Green KY
    Edward Laning painted the mural "The Long Hunters Discover Daniel Boone" for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts in 1942. It is viewable in the William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse lobby.
  • Wolfe County Courthouse Improvements - Campton KY
    The federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) undertook improvement work at the Wolfe County Courthouse in Campton, Kentucky. Work was specifically undertaken to "Repair Damage Done by Dynamite".
  • WPA Bridge - Middlesboro KY
    The Works Progress Administration was a Federal program during the Great Depression designed to provide jobs and make public improvements. A concrete bridge south of Ashbury St between the Middlesboro Intermediate School and 17th Street has the inscription “W.P.A. 1938.”
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