• Abilene Stadium - Abilene KS
    Abilene Stadium, part of Eisenhower Park, was constructed by the Works Progress Administation (WPA). WPA Project 4711.
  • Bandshell (former) and Landscaping - Abilene KS
    "The existing bandshell was constructed in 1992 to replace and earlier building constructed in 1934. The City received CWA funds to construct the original bandshell adjacent to the stadium in the fairgrounds park. It burned in 1992 and was replaced by the existing concrete block building in 1998. The contributing landscaping consists of the grassy lawn in front of the stage and dense linear segments of deciduous shrubs that follows the curve of the road between Eisenhower Park Road and Pine Street. It is unclear whether this landscaping was part of the CWA project that funded construction of the bandshell or...
  • Restroom Building - Abilene KS
    "The WPA restroom building is a small rectangular structure oriented east-west near the northwest corner of Poplar and 4th  streets. Like the other WPA park buildings, random range quarry-faced ashlar limestone clads the walls of this building. "