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  • Water Tank - Melba ID
    The Works Progress Administration built a water tank in Melba, Canyon County.
  • Weister Junior High School Gymnasium - Weiser ID
    This gymnasium was a PWA project (docket #1052-D), labeled as a high school but now part of the Weiser Middle School campus.
  • Whitney Elementary School (demolished) - Boise ID
    Whitney Elementary was a PWA project (docket #1084R). It was demolished in 2009 and the current Whitney elementary was built in a different location on the same parcel. The original structure was designed by Wayland and Fennell Architects, and subsequent additions by Tourtellotte & Hummel Architects.
  • WPA School - Worley ID
    "An old school building in the northern Idaho town of Worley is slated for demolition, but a newly formed historical society is scrambling to have the structure saved. Catherine Morris told the Coeur d'Alene Press the Worley Historical Society formed this summer after residents spotted an article reporting the school district's plan to demolish the run-down Worley School building. Morris, the president of the group, said the school — built in the late 1930s by the Works Project Administration, a New Deal agency that carried out public works projects using unskilled workers — is an important part of local history. The...
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