Charles R. Adams Park – Atlanta GA

Charles R. Adams Park is a 32-acre public city park located in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. The park is surrounded by the neighborhood of Cascade Heights. Construction of the park began in the mid-1930s, and the dedication ceremony took place in… read more

Georgia Tech – Atlanta GA

Numerous building construction projects on the Georgia Tech campus were enabled by various federal New Deal agencies during the Great Depression. The Civil Works Administration (CWA), Works Progress Administration (WPA), and Public Works Administration (PWA) all contributed support to various… read more

Georgia Tech: Heisman Gym (demolished) – Atlanta GA

Later known as Heisman Gym, Georgia Tech’s old Auditorium / Gymnasium Building was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds.  The building “was projected to be built in two phases with the first costing $93,000 and the second $116,000…. read more

Georgia Tech: Naval Armory (demolished) – Atlanta GA

“The first building built under the “Civil Works Administration” was the Naval Armory. Constructed on the site of the temporary gym that burned in 1931, the Armory Building was a “no-frills” building. The building was to serve the Atlanta Naval… read more

Sewer System – Atlanta GA

Numerous New Deal agencies contributed to the development of metropolitan Atlanta’s sewer system during the Great Depression. Atlanta initially applied for PWA funding in July 1933, but lack of local contribution caused the city government to withdraw the application and… read more