• Durkeeville (Demolished) - Jacksonville FL
    Built in 1936, Durkeeville was once public housing -- the second public housing project built in Florida under the federal Public Works Administration. This was listed as 239 living units, one and two story group houses, costing $1,000,000. Durkeeville was razed in September 1997. The Durkeeville historical society building houses the 1936 cornerstone of the original public housing project.
  • Jacksonville Municipal Airport (demolished) - Jacksonville FL
    Jacksonville Municipal Airport, also known as Jacksonville Army Airfield and later Imeson Field, was developed in part by the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). One archival image shows that the WPA paved a runway at the airport in 1936. "The site of Imeson Field is located southeast of the intersection of North Main Street & Busch Drive." The buildings on the site are largely demolished.
  • May Street Paving - Jacksonville FL
    Jacksonville, Florida's May Street was paved with bricks during the Great Depression using federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor ca. 1936. Google Street View, as of 2015, shows that the southern portion of May Street is still brick-paved.